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Product Code: E-XPERTMOD

Price: €264.87 (Incl Vat)

Product Description:

Unlike the well known TBS Expert Lite and Expert Pro battery monitors which are based on a passive shunt for current measurement, the new Expert Modular solution is equipped with an active shunt module. All measurements and calculations are made inside the active shunt module, resulting in the highest accuracy. The end results are transferred to the Control and Display Unit (CDU) over a digital cable connection, ensuring the highest immunity against external interference even in harsh industrial applications.

The Expert Modular can monitor up to three battery banks. The inputs for battery bank 2 and 3 can also be configured for other purposes, like mid-point voltage measurement, keyswitch input or backlight control. The Expert Modular battery monitor can measure DC currents up to 600Amps (500Amp continuous) and voltages up to 70Vdc. So any lead- or lithium based battery from 12V up to 48V can be monitored.

The installation time is minimal, requiring only one supply wire to the intelligent shunt base and a single plug and play ‘QuickLink’ cable between the shunt base and the control/display unit (CDU). Furthermore, the battery minus cable must be interrupted in order to insert the shunt into the high current circuit. The fused supply wire and the QuickLink cable are both included in the package, avoiding the need for a separate connection kit.

Supply voltage range     7 to 70Vdc
Supply current   (@ 12V/ 24V/48V) 10mA / 6mA / 5mA
Input voltage range main battery   (+B1) 7 to 70Vdc *
Input voltage range second & third battery   (+B2, +B3) 1 to 70Vdc
Input current range   -600 to +600A **
Battery capacity range   10 to 10000Ah
Operating temperature range   -20 to +50°C
Storage temperature range   -30 to +70°C
Readout resolution    
Voltage (0 to 70V)   ± 0.01V
Current (0 to 10A)   ± 0.01A
Current (10 to100A)   ± 0.1A
Current (100 to 600A)   ± 1A
State of charge (0 to 100%)   ± 1%
Time remaining (0 to 24hrs)   ± 1min
Time remaining (24 to 240hrs)   ± 1hr
Amphours (0 to 10000Ah)   ± 0.01Ah - 10Ah (variable)
Power (0 to 42kW)   ± 0.01W - 1kW (variable)
Temperature (-20°C to +50°C)   ± 0.5°C
Maintenance hours (0 to 100000hrs)   ± 1hr
Voltage measurement accuracy   ± 0.3%
Current measurement accuracy   ± 0.4%
Weight   Shunt 290grams / CDU 70grams
Protection class   IP20 (CDU frontpanel only IP65)
Standards CE certified   (EMC Directive 2014/30/EU)
    including EN50498 Automotive EMC
Dimensions   100 x 100 x 64.5mm


* When input +B1 is only used for supply and +B2 for main battery voltage measurement, the input voltage range for the main battery is 1 to 70Vdc.

** +/- 600A is the maximum rating for 20 minutes. The continuous input current range is +/- 500A.